FDS Telex is an education focussed interoperable telephony platform, that powers voice and message applications via cloud & on-premise installations. FDS Telex provides easy to use cloud based call-center set-ups that can record, route, track, conference & queue calls, also provides complex customization that meets your unique admission/enquiry needs. FDS Telex, can process huge volume of calls across multiple locations via a central call system. FDS Telex is 100% compliant to ZAPIER’s integration middleware and has ready APIs to integrate with your CRM, ERP or any other internal IT system/s seamlessly.
More than
of the leads go cold when contacted after 12 hours
of the inbound enquiries via calls happen during off-working hours
of the leads get misplaced or never get followed up, if not synchronised with a CRM


Call Management
Persistent Counsellor Allotment
Geo Routed Call Distribution
24x7 InHouse Call Centre + Mail + Chat & Voice
Logic Driven Call Landing
CRM Integration
Call Quality Control
Brand Perception Index

Slide Ready integration with Lead Management & CRM systems • Detects & Escalates any unusual behavior • Simulates your existing offline admission processes •
of your institution   
Quantify the impact of expenses in traditional media • Complete integration kit for ERP, CRM, etc. having •
100% Zapier compliance   
Customized workflow to enable human interventions •
as necessary   

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