FDS Support is an AI driven support platform blended with back-end call-centre services. It gives an intuitive interface to manage all inbound & outbound queries/resolutions/answers from a central response system. FDS Support also gives the flexibility of opting for trained educational counsellors as institute’s dedicated off-campus tele-callers.
More than
of the applicants complete the entire form in a go if real-time support is provided.
More than
of the applicants provide references if proper query resolution is enabled
More than
of the applicants convert into admissions if supported in real-time


CRM Integration
Student Relationship Agents
Response Optimization
Artificial Intelligence Driven
Ticketing System
Flexi Time
Escalation Matrix
Dedicated Tele Callers

Slide Best of AI research to the support platform for •
auto response mechanism   
Built-in escalation workflows • Customizable query resolution response matrix • Get to choose off-campus dedicated tele-callers •
with flexible engagement period   
Complete integration kit for ERP, CRM, etc. having •
100% Zapier compliance   
Get thoroughbred telecallers/counsellors specialising •
in Educational Domains processes)   

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