FDS Nroll is a workflow based data & payments collection platform which helps you to simplify, manage & enhance your enrolments. Our proprietary technology enables live tracking of applicants, thus allowing real-time support. FDS Nrol is powered by a failsafe algorithm, integrated with multiple payment gateways ensuring highest transaction success rate. FDS Nrol also has an inbuilt social marketing platform called FBuzz - Empowering your applications GO VIRAL.
More than
of the applicants commit an error in some or other field during form submission
of the transactions fail or don’t get confirmed daily during form submission – due to sluggish payment gateway, poor internet connectivity etc.
of the applicants complete the entire form in a go if real-time support is provided


Form Listing on your Own Domain
Intelligent Live Form Tracking
Automated & Unique Lead Generation
24x7 InHouse Call Centre + Mail + Chat & Voice
Exhaustive Reporting
Automated Communications System
Instant Payment Processing
File Uploads

Slide Auto Scale Dynamic Servers • Single Sign-on system • India’s first hybrid payment solution (Online & Offline •
Integrated & Dedicated Support Centre • Complete integration kit for ERP, CRM, etc. having •
100% Zapier compliance   
Complete payment dispute resolutions and reconciliation •
to ensure error free and smooth application processing   

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