FDS Liaise is the best-in-class Students’ Relationship Enhancement platform which helps you drive quantifiable results, starting from acquisition to admissions. FDS Liase helps you plan & implement a personalized approach, to counsel and retain the best students. It also maps prospective applicants to their ideal educational options by enabling connect with best-fit students, and analyzing each stage of the admission lifecycle – from initial inquiry and application through admissions to ensure long-term student success. FDS Liaise offers seamless interoperability of online and offline applicants’ data-flow in the admission process.
of the institutions are able to map 100% of their expenses to admissions funnel
More than
of the engagement with prospective candidate/s can be automated
of the leads move to the next stage by using a CRM for funnel management


Liaise Board
Lead Management
Source ROI Indicator
Funnel Management
Campaign Builder and Analytics
Role Assignment and Management
Office Admissions Scanner
ERP Integration

Slide Dynamic seat distribution matrix/suggestive allocation • Predictive profile segmentation of students •
for suggestive counselling   
On-premise installation for offline accessibility • Mobile app based accessibility for - On the Go - •
admissions sales team  
Complete integration kit for ERP, etc. having •
100% Zapier compliance   
Determine Best Fit Students •

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