FDS Conversia is built from grounds up to enable institutions automate their outward marketing campaigns. It helps manage responsive reactions/feedback for organically generated leads via multiple channels such website enquiry, bulk emailers, google ads, social campaign, inbound calls, etc. FDS Conversia uses email, sms & voice calling gateway/s to churn the prospects through recursive campaigns and maximise conversions. Using FDS Conversia, your institution can automate event oriented action responses such as mailer/s or sms based on a preset template.
More than
of the leads respond better when engaged real-time
of the abandoned leads give a call-2-action with recursive campaigns
of the applicant complete the entire form in a go if real-time support is provided


Multi-format Lead Import
Dynamic Lead Collection
Customized Engagement and Feedback
Time Triggerred Auto Responses
Personalized Feedback
Multiple Event Tracking
CRM Integration
Event Triggerred Auto Response

Slide Customisable communication using email/SMS/Voice •
calling gateways   
Easy to understand, deep insights powering •
your marketing teams   
Unlimited contact and lead tracking • Complete integration kit for ERP, CRM, etc. having •
100% Zapier compliance   

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