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Slide Bikash Sahoo: Business Process & Monetization Expert Slide Devadatta Sahoo: Cloud & Internet Technology Expert Slide Rashmiranjan Mohapatra: Embedded Electronics & VLSI Expert Slide Vikram Kaushik: UI/UX & Industrial Design Expert

product types

Don’t be shy, lets
Meet Over chai

What’s all the hype?
Lets build a Prototype

The Holy Grail, lets
go Full Scale

Your Retreat Itinerary

A quick and simple “HI”, over a cup of coffee/glass of beer. A nice way to know us & your dreams. Words are more powerful when spoken, ideas become powerful when acted upon. Lets envision future together

Completely sponsored 1 night/2 days stay and Vehicle assistance to roam around in the capital city.

Your ideas are succinct and are just waiting to see the light of the day. Lets waste no iota of time in talking. Time to build the prototype. Design stage to hardware config to creating Minimum Viable Product. Lets get something rolling out.

Completely sponsored 1 full week’s stay and private vehicle to roam around in the capital city.

You need an in-house team to build your dreams. You need to work with the team because you know, you are the architect of the dream. We are ready to be your partners in building the story.

Completely sponsored stay & every other need you may have while living your dream. Live your dream here at Bhubaneswar & lets build together.

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